Nepal Mission Trip 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Nepal Mission Trip Blog.


The team that is going on this trip consist of two people myself Bob Hosale and my wife Sadie Hosale. I have be going on mission trips to Nepal since 2007. This is the first time Sadie has gone with me. 


November 15, Thursday

We got to our car at the SLC airport midnight 11/13 It was a long flight you would not think it was if you looked at just the departure and arrival time. We departed China at 9:30 pm November 13 and arrived in SLC 11:30 pm November 13. But you have to account for the date line. We had a very long November 13. We are tired, suffering from jet lag, trying to adjust to the time in Utah and feeling a little sick.

I wanted to say more on this blog during the trip but the internet was not always available. I plan to add more to this blog in the coming days including pictures. So stay tune for more.

November 12 Monday

Back in Kathmandu. We spent the morning doing interviews and filming Pastor Rajan, and wrapping up issues with the ministry, and discussing plans to do Kid’s CHE next November.

Tonight we fly to China and then to the USA.

November 11 Sunday

Today is a travel day. Most of the day we were on the road from Chitwan to Kathmandu. God was watching over us. We just missed being in a terrible accident that killed 2 people. The accident happened behind us.

November 10 Saturday

Another busy day. We attended service at one of my favorite churches today. Pastor Suba’s church has special memories for me. We worshiped and prayed with some special Nepali friends. I shared. One of the pastors who attended was Pastor Bhim.  He was put in prison five years ago for something he did not do. That did not stop him.  He led 90 prisoners to Christ & 4 trained of them to be pastors.  These 4 Pastors are now in 4 different prisons preaching God’s Word!  When he was released, he left a large prison ministry.   He now pastors 2 churches in his home are Bharta.

After Suba’s we went to visit Pastor Bishnu in his temporary home. His village was destroyed by a flood. They are now staying in a temporary village near the river. We drove a half hour through a dry wash to get there. About 100 people live in the village. We worshiped and shared in a tent provided by UNICEF. We prayed for the village, the church and people who were not well. I was in Bishnu’s village several years go before it was destroyed.

November 9, 2018 Friday

Today we traveled to Chitwan in southern Nepal. I was not looking forward to another bumpy road. Boy did I get surprised. The road was good. We left Pokhara at 10:00am arrived in Pokhara at 2:00 pm.  We had dinner and went to bed. We need our rest tomorrow will be a busy day


November 8, 2018 Thursday

Good news no bumpy roads today. My body needed the rest. We had breakfast Pastor Narj and talked about the possibility of training his pastors to do Vacation Bible School next year. After breakfast we recorded interviews with Pastor Rajan.

Pastor Narj invited us to a home bible study that evening. It was a very small home on the side of a steep, with a rock stair go up to it.  There were around thirty people in it. It was a sight fit. The worship was great. You do not need to know the language to feel that the Holy Spirit was there. I find that is true in all the Nepali churches I have been in. After worship I shared. It ended with prayer requests and prayer. No matter where in the world you go the bible study is not officially over until you eat something. It is true here we served tea and cookies. By the time we left it was dark. We had to be very careful going down to the street.

November 7, 2018 Wednesday

Another long day of bumpy roads. The road to the village was so bad we changed to another vehicle that was better suited for the rocky road. It took us about an hour to get to Abraham and Sarah’s village. They changed their names when they became Christians. Abraham pastors two churches in his area. The total number of believers is 60. They have their own church building. It is not easy to get to his home which is high on a mountain in the middle of the farming district. All terraced farming. They grow mostly rice and millet. We spent several hours with them, had lunch and visited the church and prayed with them for more believers, the health of his family. Of course, we provided lots of encouragement. We left Pokhara at 9:00 am and did not get back until 6:15.

We had dinner with Pastor Narj and his family. Pastor Narj pastors a church in Pokhara and is planting churches in the mountains above Pokhara.


November 6, 2018 Tuesday

Did I say 6 to 7 hours for the trip to Pokhara? I was wrong. It took us over 9 hours. We left Kathmandu at 9 AM and arrived at the Meera Hotel in Pokhara at 6:30. We were so tired we went straight to bed. No dinner too tired to eat.

November 5, 2018 Monday


Sadie and I have been very busy for almost a week. Today is a day to relax. We spent some quality time with Pastor Rajan and his wife Indu. We took a cable car to the top of a mountain where we could see all of Kathmandu valley. In the evening we had dinner in down town Kathmandu at the Garden of Dreams. A oasis of tranquility in a sea of chaos. Sadie and Indu are the best of are the best of friends. They are having a great time together. Tomorrow we will be driving to Pokhara. It is 274 Km (91 miles). It would be an hour and a half in Utah, but in Nepal it is a very bumpy road for 6 to 7 hours. The longest I have been on that road is 12 hours. Pray for us that we have a safe trip. 

November 4, 2018 Sunday 

We took a road trip to the top of a hill that overlooks Kathmandu Valley. Sadie's first experience with Nepali traffic. It's something she will not forget. Someone said "The Americans drive on the right, the English drive on the left, the Nepali drive any ware they want" :)

At the top of the hill is a church that Pastor Rajan's ministry planted. We met the pastor and his wife. Many years ago Pastor Rajan and his wife were chased from there by the Hindus. Today they have a congregation of 60. The church building is beautiful. It sits on he side of a hill with only a foot path to get to it. The foot path looks like it was made by mountain goats. 

After lunch We went to Pastor Hari's church on the out skirts of Kathmandu.We met his wife and his children a boy and a girl. Pastor Hari not only pastors a church he also is the CHE coordinator for Pastor Rajan. Pastor Hari shared with me about the CHE programs  he is overseeing and results from the Healthy 

Birthing training we did last year. If you don't know what CHE is you can look it up on  


November 3, 2018 Saturday

We attended church. I was able to share. Sadie was introduced and shared at the women's bible study after service. Pastor Rajan and I had a meeting.


We had dinner at Pastor Rajan's house.The house is completed and is very nice. We also toured the girls home which is the bottom floor. I have pictures to share.  Thank you to everyone who supported this project and made it possible. It is a big blessing to his ministry. 



November 3, 2018 Saturday 

We left SLC October 31 landed in China November 2 at 5 am. After a 12 hr lay over we landed in Kathmandu about 11 pm November 2. Did not get to the Bhaktapur Gust House until after midnight. You can look Bhaktapur Gust House up on the web.


It is now Saturday morning November 3. Saturday is the day we do church in Nepal. For no other reason than Saturday is the day Nepali rest and that is when every one has the time to go to church. I will be sharing at the service today. I will greet them for you. Got to Go.



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